Hall of Fame

There are two ways to be nominated for induction into the MSCA Hall of Fame:

  1. SELF-NOMINATION: Accumulate a minimum of 400 HOF points, recorded by shooter and verified by the MSCA board.
  2. PEER NOMINATION: Be nominated by a fellow shooter via the HOF nomination form found which can be obtained by emailing misportingclays@gmail.com.

Any potential nominee must be a member in good standing with the MSCA and NSCA for a minimum of 10 years. Induction into the MSCA HOF, regardless of nomination method, requires two-thirds majority vote by the MSCA Board with special preference given to those who have met the 400 point minimum requirement.


Pat Lieske of Davison, MI joined the NSCA in 1989 and has since shot over 73,000 registered targets. He has been a member of the NSCA All-American team 17 times and is an 8-time Team USA member. Some of his most notable wins to-date (June 2013) include 2009 North American FITASC Champion, 2010 NSCA Nationals High All Around Champion, and 2012 World Sporting Clays Championship Runner-Up. As a youngster, he loved to fish and hunt with his father and two brothers. Pat’s interests in clay target shooting were sparked in the late 1970’s when he shot his first round of skeet in order to obtain his hunter’s safety certificate. It wasn’t soon after that he began working at the skeet range and competing, winning local and state skeet tournaments across the state of Michigan. At the young age of 16, Pat shot an admirable 800 straight in 12-gauge skeet. After graduating high school, Pat enrolled at the University of Michigan where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in business. He was employed at an accounting firm for a few years before he began to pursue his interests in the shooting range industry at Hunter’s Creek Hunt Club in Metamora, MI, where he managed the clay target facilities. In 2001, Pat became self-employed when he started his own business, Michigan Shooting Centers LLC. Michigan Shooting Centers now operates two of Michigan’s premier shooting destinations, the Island Lake Shooting Range in Brighton, MI and the Bald Mountain Shooting Range & Gun Shop in Lake Orion, MI. Pat’s facilities throw over 40% of the NSCA registered targets in the state of Michigan. He has hosted the Michigan State Championship 5 times, one Zone championship and a Team USA qualifier. As a coach, Pat works with shooters of all ages and abilities – from first-timers to seasoned veterans. Pat's students include national and state champions as well as numerous All Americans and Team USA members. In total, Pat has over 30 years of experience in the shooting sports industry.
Tom Mack has been around firearms since he was old enough to walk. But it wasn’t until a pheasant hunting adventure in his thirties that Tom found his true calling in shotgun skills. Seems the scattergun novice outshot his fellow rooster shooters that day, winning a bet in the process that spurred him to start shooting skeet and trap when he returned home. He dabbled in those two clay sports for a couple years, and then a friend introduced him to sporting clays and the low-gun mount. Fascinated, Tom started shooting small tournaments, and then joined the Detroit Gun Club and the NSCA in the late 1990s. In almost no time he was shooting in the Master class. Tom Mack has been on the All American Team more than 15 times. Currently, Tom is a Professional Shooting Instructor for CZ-USA.
Joe Huf has contributed to the shooting sports in Michigan since the inception of the MSCA. His company, By * Pas International has sponsored the annual Michigan State Championship for decades. Huf's efforts have helped grow the sport to become part of what it is today. In the early 2000's, Joe was a frequent contender for first place honors at local tournaments throughout the state of Michigan. Between 2001 and 2006, Joe won more than 15 NSCA class shoots. His greatest shooting achievement to date came in 2011, when he won the resident title at the Michigan State Sporting Clays Championship.
DeeAnn Massey was introduced to sporting clays shooting by her husband Jeff, who taught her to shoot in their backyard. She shot in her first tournament in the summer of 1996. In 1997, ten days before the Sporting Clays National Championship, she purchased her first 12 gauge Browning Gold. She used the Browning Gold to tie for Ladies High Overall. Since then she has won two National Championships and has been a five-time runner-up. DeeAnn has been on the Ladies All American Team twelve times and Ladies Team USA Team seven times. In addition, she has also won the Michigan State Ladies Championship twelve times, the Zone Three Ladies Championship ten times and has numerous other wins in local and regional competition.
On Sunday, June 23, 2014 the Michigan Sporting Clays Association announced the recipient of the 2014 Hall of Fame inductee. The surprise was clearly evident on Red Ball's face when his name was announced. Ball was very instrumental in developing sporting clays in Michigan back before the inception of the NSCA and was also a top notch shooter in his day. The first Michigander to reach AA class, back before Master class was implemented, Ball was a contemporary of a young Jon Kruger and was neck and neck with him on the shooting circuit back in the day. In fact, Kruger upon hearing of Ball's award, said, "He was a hell of a shot. He was right there with the best of them." Ball has a degenerative vision problem that has left him unable to compete at the level that he once did, although his love of the game still keeps him shooting in spite of his handicap. The applause was spirited when Ball's name was announced and he was clearly touched by the recognition he received for the part he played in bringing a fledgling sport to the masses.
The Michigan Sporting Clays Association inducted Greg Larson into the Hall of Fame on Sunday June 26, 2016. Greg, a life member of the NSCA, was instrumental in developing sporting clays across Michigan, most notably at Fenton Lakes Sportsmans Club and Grand Blanc Huntsman's Club. Greg's list of shooting titles is long and spread out over several decades. He has won dozens of high-over-all honors in local competitions as well as countless concurrent wins. Some of his most memorable include: 2007 Gamaliel Cup Veteran Champion, 2008 Zone 3 Veteran Champion and 2010 NSCA National Championship Super Veteran 3rd.