Pine Ridge May 31-J...

Pine Ridge May 31-June 1 registered shoot scores  

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Thank you to all who came out and supported us at this weekends shoot. It was good to see some old friends again and some new faces as well.  Below are scores:

Master Class: Les Housler (HOA) 86, Mike Bernethy-80

AA: Ted Butz-78, Mark Plewa-77

A: Larry Laxton-83, Steve Berndt-75, John Robinson-72, Stu Jalving-66

B: Dennis Fuller-81, Brian Wheat-75, Mike Self-70, Bill Berghuis-65, Ron Bell-63

C: Tim Fishell-71, Craig Brennan-65, Tony Astuccio-60

D: Kevan Peet-74, Ryan Kinkema-74

E: Mike Knes-65, Tom Dyer-60, Al Gorsky-49

Posted : 01/06/2019 8:10 pm

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